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Terms of Sale

Independent stores- please use a credit card for payment.

Multi-unit stores and Hospital gift stores- please submit credit information with your order by fax to 919-882-9838 or by email to Note that credit approval may take up to 7 days to process.

All orders are shipped via UPS with freight charges added to your invoice. We do not offer COD shipping. If an item is out of stock we will ship and backorder unless advised otherwise in writing.

By submitting an order for snoozies!® branded products you agree that you, your company or affiliates, will not retail, market, sell or cause to be sold any snoozies!® products online on any website, third party or otherwise, without the express written permission of Buyer's Direct, Inc. You also agree that you will not offer for sale or sell snoozies!® branded products on eBay or Amazon under any circumstances and that if you do you have violated this “Terms of Sale” agreement. You also understand that online sales and marketing of snoozies!® branded products and the use of snoozies!® logos, trademarks or art, in graphic or in photographic form without prior written permission of Buyer’s Direct, Inc. constitutes a legal infringement of the intellectual property rights of Buyer's Direct, Inc., owner of the snoozies!® brand and trademark.

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