snoozies - footcovering - socks - slumber - cozy

The most important reason to stock and sell snoozies!® in your store:


  • Strong and competitive retail pricing.
    Retail price points are only $12.00 MSRP
  • The item is very practical.
    98% of women have cold feet and snoozies!® provide warmth. They love the soft Sherpa fabric lining! The consumer perceives this benefit immediately when they first see the product, even to the point of sliding their hands inside the Sherpa fleece lining to feel the soft and warm lining.
  • The product is fresh and new.
    It has not been on the market very long so it has not been overexposed to the consumer.  snoozies! are a very strong alternative to the hum drum "traditional" slipper and carry lower retail. Even if you don’t carry slippers, snoozies!® are a great addition to your giftable inventory. snoozies! are a patented product so you will not have to compete with off-priced "knock offs".
  • The product is high quality.
    It has gone through multiple wash tests and looks as good as it did when first purchased. Consumers LOVE that they are machine washable! snoozies!® perform as well as or better than the consumer's expectations. They are warm, comfy, cozy and just plain adorable!
  • Extremely high proven product acceptance and desirability with consumers.
    snoozies!® have proven themselves to be a very strong retail item, especially in a tough retail environment. Many of our retailers report anywhere from 80% to 90%+ sell throughs - many of these results were achieved in only 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Ageless appeal
    From kids to tweens, adults to seniors, everyone of any age takes to the snoozies!® foot coverings. Our cute and colorful exclusive prints appeal to all ages, with everyone having their own favorite.

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